Well, I suppose this is some kind of a creed upon my current life condition…What a way to start this new year and to break my unproductive blog-life, eh?

Well, since the beginning of this year, I do feel that somehow bad things kept on comin’ to me. It’s like I’m a magnet for bad things, but I think it ain’t that pathetic, brotha!

Well, this started from (currently) the worst new year’s eve ever, continued by this hemorrhoids I got from nowhere (seriously, I don’t know how this thing got into my digestive system), then the overwhelming matters of LDK (Latihan Dasar Kepemimpinan, or Basic Leadership Training) and “Perjamuan Kasih”.  Somehow they all went wrong in the same direction. The first two things has been told explicitly, while I prefer that the two remaining be told later.

Whaaaat? No. I’m gonna write it right in this moment.

What’s wrong with LDK? Well, despite the fact that I had enjoyed most of it, and I have no regret of joining OSIS and proceeding to this level, I still feel that I did most of the things to…let’s just say that I bring most of the bad things rendering our activity. Then what about “perjamuan kasih”? Well, as it coincides with LDK,  then I’m unable to manage these things well and it doesn’t went as planned. (okelah gw nulis pake bahasa Indonesia aja skarang) Acara “cerita alkitab” berantakan, gw blom ngurusin kehilangan satu mobil buat transport, dan bahkan saking capeknya abis pulang dari LDK, gw langsung ketiduran. Sekarang urusannya blom beres, padahal in just a few hours these things have to be ready! Oh I feel like I want to escape this world until everything has been done…

Honestly, i don’t know what I did to make me worthy enough to gain such kind of misery (it’s relative, you know, some of you might think that this is no matter of misery, but for me this is absolute misery). Is this because of my lack of faith? is this because of my lack of prayers? is this because of my reluctant daily life? ARRRRGH!