oh yes, I feel EXTREMELY happy today! things doesn’t seem to go nuts, everything went quite well, and I’m happy!

this day started in the morning, the usual routine, breakfast bla bla bla. afterwards I went to school with props for today’s performance *technically it’s yesterday already, but I’m still going to refer it as today* for our school’s christmas celebration. I dance, of course. We had been preparing for this day for approximately 2 weeks. We? of course, how could I dance all by myself?  Today’s dance is integrated within the play, starring my other friends. It went quite awesome! everyone laughed during the play *which was designed to be funny on the last minutes before the performance*, and during our dance performance everyone seemed to be stunned, especially during our part that was supposed to represent hell. I also dance for the dance routine which represents heavenly happiness. more on the choreography, later. There are also 3 other choreography, the “angels”, the “students”, and the “hedonistics”. each dance routine was awesome and everyone performed excellently! mrs. grace, our dance teacher was really satisfied, and so did our friends!

after the celebration’s over, I went to my class to pick up my share of meal. when I was there, sandy asked me to go with them and watch a movie. I agreed to go with them after I told my mom to pick me up a lot later. besides, I have a private parkour session with gerald in the afternoon, so instead of being bored from waiting, I’d rather go and watch a movie! We watched Narnia. the movie was good, I like the way the story was presented. I prefer this one to the second movie of course!

after that movie screening, we went to a pool bar to play a game of pool, just for fun, no gambling! wee played a good game, I scored some quite unexpected moves that even I wasn’t sure that it’s possible. maybe I was being blessed by Big Guy Up There? hahaha…. but this pool session had to be cut short as it’s nearly 4 o’clock, time of my rendezvous with gerald at school to do some exercise!

I went there from the pool bar on an “ojek” and arrived at school only to find that he weren’t there yet. so I went to look for him in the Central park area as we thought of doing it there, but I didn’t find him. it took only a matter of minutes before he called me and told that he’s already at school. I quickly rushed to school, and had some exercises! he taught me how to do some basic vaulting moves. too bad it was raining, which made me a little concerned about the floor being slippery. it was quite exhausting, but I’m happy that I’m finally back to the world of parkour after being on a few weeks of hiatus.

around 6 o’clock my mother picked me up. it went as usual during the ride home. after we arrived at my apartment I turned my laptop on, prepared my dinner, took a bath while washing my shoes, and then ate my dinner. I asked for someone who’s interested in playing a game on viwawa, and chelsea came up. we played Big 2.5 for a fe rounds before it falls down to this moment.

God I love this day. Thanks for allowing me to experience this day!


PS: sorry if my english is bad here. I’m only concerned on telling about today’s adventure 😀