hello again! it’s currently the day of chinese new year, which means angpao day for some of my friends. well, for most of them, actually, since most of my friends are chinese descendants. I actually do have a little chinese heritage in my blood, but it’s been so far away that our family doesn’t celebrate it. it means I don’t receive any angpao 😦 sometimes I do envy my friends who receive angpao, but I’m used to it so it doesn’t matter hahahaha…

you should know that some of my friends get some staggering amount of money from their angpao. I once heard that someone got over 3 million rupiahs. some got 2 millions, basically 6-7 digits. or maybe anybody got 8 digits? I don’t know! (so now you now why I get jealous sometimes :D) that ain’t little money, dude!

today, I wonder, if I get to receive angpao, especially that amount of angpao $.$, what would I do? would I spend it all? or would I save it all? well, let’s go and do a review!

  1. I’d save some for my education. as you might know or not, I’m planning on getting my university degree in germany. it needs a huge amount of money, definitely. I know, some of you remembered that some universities in germany don’t charge tuition fee, but I still have to pay for administration fee and living cost, which I would have to cover on my own. getting such amount of angpao would really help!
  2. I’d revolutionize my wardrobe! my wardrobe is very outdated and not complete! I still need some articles of clothing to complete it. for example, I need to buy a pair of sneakers that I can wear to some occasions. I do think my running shoes ain’t that appropriate. I also need to buy pairs of pants, including black-coloured jeans, cargo pants, etc.  also some shirts. AAA too much! need to prioritize number 1 though.
  3. I’d save some, of course.
  4. I maybe gonna give some to charity.
  5. I’d go out and eat!

what else? I can only think of those so far! hahaha